Hookah Backpack

NEW PRODUCT FROM GLINA! Branded backpack, in which we have collected everything you need for a comfortable hookah smoking in the field. For travel and travel purposes.
  • A backpack with soft shockproof walls that will keep your bowls and flask safe and sound.
  • It is equipped with everything necessary that a smoke lover may need on a trip.
  • The optimal size is 26x39 and a comfortable weight.
  • Comfortable and safe location of all the contents inside the backpack
Included in the package:
  • mini BigMaks with a diffuser complete with a flask, a hose and a mouthpiece
  • any 2 GLINA bowls. 5 models to choose from: Alien, Alien mini, Harmony, Old school, Classic.
  • 8 cans with tight-fitting lids for the mixture (can capacity: 50 g)
  • a set of GLINA instruments in a felt twist (paddles, fork, mini-scissors, awl)
  • heat control device
  • comfortable EMBERY tongs branded for GLINA
  • personal BURN mouthpiece
! Take our gift when buying a backpack:
- branded belt bag GLINA
- tea flask-thermos 250 ml

TRAVEL BACKPACK is a great gift for your family, friends, colleagues, managers and partners, all lovers of thick smoke.

Choose the bowls you want to put in your backpack.
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